Community & Garden Fence
With refined design, wide applications, convenient installation, garden fence is very favorable for the users. Using high quality steel as raw material, the welded panel body is very plain and strong resistance strength. It is well suitable for a wide range of application, for example for enclosing community garden, commercial grounds, lawn, and road.



Material: PVC-coated welded wire mesh
Choice of colors: Sun yellow, moss green, grass green, snow white, violet blue, signal blue, signal grey etc. 
Height: 0.5m ~ 2.5m
Width: 1m ~ 3m
Wire: 1.5mm ~ 5mm


Community & Garden Fence


1. Long distance protections
2. Adjustable safety standards
3. Difficult grounds and topography
4. High mechanical performance due to heavy steel structure
5. European Quality Standards
6. Low cost structure
7. Local construction participation
Community & Garden Fence


Using high quality iron rod as raw material, the welded panel, after galvanization, powders rimer, and Powders top coating; it can resist the corrosive and ultraviolet radiation very strongly.


The finished surface usually is Galvanized and Powder coating, or alternatively, with plastic caps or Roofing rainhat.


The panels and posts are jointed together with bolts or rivets,  or special steel clamps, all nuts are self-locking. This also can be designed as the special requests of clients.


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