Filed Fence
Field fence is made of hot-dipped galvanized steel wire, offering high tensile strength, providing safety fencing against fierce striking of cattle, horse or goats. Knotted wire mesh fences make an ideal fencing material for grasslands husbandry. Finished steel wire mesh knotted field fence is suitable for borders in fields and grassland for breeding of deer, cattle and other animals.


Material: High strength iron wire or galvanized wire
Height: 0.5m ~ 2.5m
Width: 2m, 2.5m as standard
Wire diameter: 2mm ~ 5mm


Steel field fence has the following benefits including: simple in structure; easy maintenance; short installation period; less weight; easy for transport; good ventilation. Field fence is used in grassland; breeding; forestry;  isolation of sites or projects.

Filed Fence

Panel dimensions LxH(mm) Pole height(mm) Distance between poles(mm) Number of ribs
2405x1270 1500 2440 2
2405x1570 1850 2440 2
2405x1720 2130 2440 2
2405x2000 2450 2440 3


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