Palisade Fencing
Palisade fencing (Corrugated Pale) is finished after suppression of hot dipped galvanized steel plate, colored steel plate. It's very stable, easy to install, anti-rust, non maintenance, moreover it also has best quality, unique profile design, different colors etc. Mainly used in villa, houses, garages, industrial plants, park, garden, community, school, lawn etc.


Material: hot rolled steel and cold rolled steel
Choice of colors: Moss green, grass green, sun yellow, violet blue, snow white, anthracite grey, stone grey, black
Height: 0.5m ~ 3.6m
Width: 1m ~ 3m


The forbidding appearance and inherent strength of the palisades provide an effective deterrent to intruders. It is available in a choice of head styles, both in the traditional 'D' pale profile, and 'W' section pale for added security.
Palisade is offered in a range of heights up to 3.6 metres, and is self-adjusting to slopes of up to 1 in 3. It can be supplied assembled in panels, or bundled for site assembly along with either bolts or rivets. Palisade is available in a range of finishes: galvanised in, or galvanised and colour coated in various colours to blend with the environment.
A standard panel is constructed from hot and cold rolled steel sections supplied for assembly on site. Panels consist of 17 vertical pales manufactured in "D" or "W" profile with a choice of tops. The pales are fixed to rolled horizontal steel angle which are supported by 102 x 44 joist posts.
Palisade Fencing

Pale: W section Pale D section Pale
Thicknesses: 2.0mm, 2.5mm, 3.0mm 3.0mm, 3.5mm, 4.0mm
Choice of Pale heads: 1. Triple Pointed Top
2. Single Pointed Top
3. Round Top
4. Round and Notched Top
1. Square Top
2. Triple Pointed Top
3. Single Pointed Top
4. Round Top
5. Round and Notched Top
From the fierce triple pointed top to the round head, each top complements a particular requirement to meet a perceived level of security risk.


Palisade Fencing

Fencing is supplied in 2.75m wide standard panels for easy assembly on site. Special panels and posts to step or rake can be supplied if required. Base plates for fixing to concrete are also available.  

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