Sport Ground Fence
Sport fence is designed to keep the ball inside the area of play and to protect the public. Our wire mesh fences are proved to perform robustly and to provide a visually attractive solution to the needs of both spectator and participant.



Material: Welded wire mesh, woven mesh, chain link fence
Process: Galvanized, Vinyl coated, PVC coated.
Height: 0.5m ~ 4m
Width: 1m ~ 25m
Mesh Size: 24mm ~ 72mm
Wire diameter: 2mm ~ 5mm


Chain Link Fencing Series

Chain link fence is ideal for all types of sports facilities including football, rugby, hockey, tennis, etc.  It comes in a variety of sizes, strengths, and finishes,  which should be selected based on the purpose of customer's.

Sport Ground Fence

Welded Mesh Panel Series

Merit of welded mesh panel: firmly and durable, multi-grid pattern, broad vision, aesthetically pleasure. It's applicable to stadium ,aged apartment,fitness place.

Sport Ground Fence

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