Steel Wire Rope
Steel wire rope is twisted by many thin steel wires, that is, multi-wire will be twisted into strands and to rope core as the center, then a certain number of strands are twisted into a spiral rope. In the material handling machinery for improved traction, tension and load-bearing purposes. For steel wire rope, with high-strength、light weight、stable job, is not easy to fracture suddenly the whole wire and very reliable. In moist or open workplace environment,you can also use the galvanized steel wire rope in order to enhance anti-rust performance. Steel wire rope is all standard product in the industrial countries,but according to the difference of their usage,customers can choose diameter, rope strands, the number of wires per strand, tensile strength and sufficient safety factor, and you can look into the specification in the manual . Mainly used in delivering the goods which need the high strength wire rope.


Steel Grade: AISI 304, 316, 302, 305, etc.
Size: 0.3mm~16mm.
Packing: Plastic spool, wooden reel etc.
Use: Control cable for automobile, ocean, construction, aircraft, electron parts, accessories, etc.
Structure: 1X7,1X19,7X7,7X19,6X7+FC,6X19+FC.

Component name

Steel Wire Rope

The structure of steel wire rope

Structure 1×7 1×19 7×7
Size 0.30~4.00mm
(0.012~5/32 inch)
(1/32~1/4 inch)
(1/32~7/16 inch)
Structure 7×19 6×7+FC 6×19+FC
Size 1.50~1600mm
(1/16~5/8 inch)
(1/8~7/16 inch)
(1/8~5/8 inch)


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